Toto Toilets Models

TOTO has established its brand equity as the name you can trust in terms of toilet quality all over the world. It is superior in the sanitary-ware industry because of the company principles that have become the mantra of its business operations:

  • Continuous innovation and advanced technology.
  • Extensive research and development
  • Excellent work environment for its people
  • Strong quality control
  • High regard for social and environmental responsibility

With these in mind, TOTO has always been the benchmark of disruptive innovations in terms of convenience and efficiency.

But of all the products released to the market, here are the 8 Best Toto Toilets for everyone to consider in their next bathroom make-over.


The TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet is one of the high-quality standard toilets to provide great value for investment. It comes with an elongated bowl and is finished with SanaGloss, a feature that ensures smooth and anti-bacterial self-cleaning surface. It uses the G-Max flushing system that uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The flush system allows for quiet yet powerful commercial grade flushing performance. It also boasts of fast flush because of the wide 3-inch flush valve, which is 125% larger than conventional 2-inch flush valves.

This model comes in 5 color finishes that buyers can choose from. However, the seat cover is sold separately. Nevertheless, it is ADA approved and UPC compliant.


This dual-flush eco-friendly and highly efficient TOTO toilet carries a hefty price tag. But the superior key features make it worth every cent. The Toto MS970CEMFG#01 Washlet G500 operates using the highly efficient 3D Tornado flush system that uses as low as 0.9gallons /3.4L per flush. The bowl is CeFiONtect glaze finished and minimize debris and mold from adhering to it. It is at universal height, making is comfortable for a broader group of individuals.

The unit comes with an auto open/close lid and an auto-flush, which comes with a multi-function remote control with an illuminated touchpad. It also has a heated seat and a built-in air purifying system. Its washlet has three modes (front, rear and soft) with an adjustable spray position, and offers oscillating and pulsating comfort washing.

Do not fear, it has an energy saver timer. It also purifies its own seat and water before each use.


The TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet is by far one of the most affordable ceramics offered by TOTO. It is sleek with a high-profile tank and comes in different sizes and four color finishes to choose from. It uses the highly efficient dual-flush G-Max flushing system which is quiet yet powerful. It’s finishing is CeFiONtect ceramic glaze that prevents debris and mold from sticking to its surfaces, leading to fewer chemicals and use of water supply.

This unit has a traditional look that comes with an elongated front bowl and a SoftClose seat. It fits easily in small places and weighs only 89 pounds, which is a big plus factor for installation.


This TOTO toilet is another beauty from the brand. The TOTO CST412MF Aquia Close Coupled Toilet uses the Dual-Max flushing system and uses as low as 0.9 gallons or 3.4 liters per flush. It comes in five color finishes and is at universal height. The design of this TOTO toilet model is a bit traditional but looks classy and elegant that looks clean and chic all the time.

The toilet model is WaterSense certified and is sold with a one-year solid warranty.

However, it doesn’t meet full ADA specifications and cannot be installed in the restroom because of its semi skirted base design. It also does not come with a seat cover.


This ADA compliant TOTO CT474CUFG Vespin II toilet bowl is a low consumption model that uses the Tornado Flush System. This flush mechanism uses only 1.28 gallons and 4.8 liters of water every flush. It is also finished using CeFiONtect, an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface that keeps the toilet bowl clean. It is a decorative two-piece model in five color finishes to choose from.

However, it does not come with a seat cover. Nevertheless, it is a model that competitors better look out for because of its affordability.


This high-seat TOTO toilet model will fit in most bathroom spaces. The TOTO MS964214CEFG Eco Soiree uses the highly efficient Tornado Flush system that uses 1.28 gallons and 4.8 L of water per flush. This toilet made from vitreous china material is finished with a ceramic glaze, CeFiONtect, giving it a clean look and feel.

The Eco Sioree model also comes with a SoftClose seat, the latest in innovative smart seat technology with Comfortable Ergonomic Design, Molded Bumpers, and High Gloss Polypropylene. This lessens incidences of Toilet Seat Slam moments in the bathroom.

This model is also easy to install as it does not require a separate water tank set-up, making it a must-have for DIY home builders.


The TOTO MS864114 Supreme model comes with the E-Max flushing system, a low consumption siphon jet flushing action that saves up to 20% more water than other flush set-ups. It features a tank cover, fittings, chrome plated tri[ lever and SoftClose seat that quietly yet powerfully flushes every-time. The engineering of SoftClose incorporates Toto’s high-quality standard and customer convenience.

This model comes in four different colors and the elegant low profile and elongated bowl add to its traditional yet clean look. The ceramic glaze, CeFiONtect, gives it a glossy appeal that prevents particles and debris from sticking onto the surface. Thus, easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, it is certified by EPA Watersense and is compliant to legislations such as California AB715, California Green Building Code and the City of Los Angeles Water Efficiency Ordinance.


Last on the list is the very premium TOTO Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest. It is a decorative one-piece unit that uses Tornado Flush a siphon jet flushing system that uses as low as 0.8 gallons and 3.0 L per flush.

The main feature of this toilet model is its suitability to night use, especially for adults. It features lights underneath the lids and an automatic flush system that cleans itself. It also has an automated lid cover and a multifunctional remote control.

Furthermore, it features an adjustable seat and an adjustable washlet spray position. The washlet has three modes – front, rear and soft – with oscillating and pulsing comfort washing. It also has a built-in air purifying system and an energy saver timer.

One major feature of this product is the eWater+ system – an antibacterial water that thoroughly cleans the toilet wherein regular water is electrolyzed to give it a slightly acidic pH value.


TOTO toilets come with different features that can be mixed and matched. From the simplest models to the most modern and sophisticated, name it and TOTO has it. What better way to customize a bathroom make-over!

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