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Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Review

TOTO Neorest Toilet Review

The Toto MS992CUMFG#01 is an ingeniously designed toilet that legitimately sets among the most desirable TOTO models. It comes with a few awesome traits that may actually improve the toilet opinion from many users.

We will thoroughly inspect the following specs including the bowl, flush system, remote controls, consumption and comfort.


Flush – It works with a dual whirl siphon jet flushing system. It offers a fully hands-free option, ideal for bacteria haters. Thanks to the flush improvements, it is consumption efficient. It clears the bowl with 0,8 gallons of water for liquid waste and one gallon for solid waste.

Seat – It has an adjustable heated seat. You won’t feel again your rear freezing when sitting in winter.

Bidet – A function that is getting more and more popular in toilet models is the bidet jet action. This toilet features a water jet that makes waste clearing more efficient.

Bowl – The bowl has a skirted absolutely round design which means no nooks or crannies for bacteria to build up. It also gives the toilet a classy look.


The MS992CUMFG#01 blends some of the best traits from older models with the new technological applications. Heated seat, remote control, and less consumption make this model one of the best. Sure, having such a long feature catalog, it has a drawback as well, and that is just the not precisely affordable price. Beside a standard toilet, it will make you disburse quite a few more dollars.

Toto Neorest single-piece toilet is one of the highest smart units you can imagine in your bathroom. It has a beautiful design with a skirted bowl that will make it match any bathroom décor. The bowl is by the way elongated which makes it more comfortable and include a slow-close seat. It is extremely efficient since it barely uses one gallon for a full flush and a 0,8 gallon for a half flush.

It applies a dual-cyclone flushing method, which means a more effecting waste clearing with each flush. Other awesome traits that it is proud to have are a heated seat, auto-flush and remote control for a more hygienic use.


  • Elegant elongated bowl for more comfort
  • Slow-close anti-slam seat
  • Clean use with a remote control
  • Dual whirl flushing system is efficient when clearing waste in a single flush
  • Good-looking skirted design that will fit your bathroom décor
  • Meets ADA standards
  • Includes a 3-year residential warranty and a one-year commercial warranty


  • Very expensive

This is a high-level toilet and therefore has a lot of cutting-edge features. This is comfort at its best.

Thanks to its simplified design, it has no nooks and crannies where dirt can remain. This makes the cleaning process fast and easy.

The product comes with a SoftClose seat that is not just like any seat but is also thermo adjustable, so you can modulate the temp of the seat. Moreover, it has an automatic open and close sensor and can also be remote controlled.

The sensor actually works too well, which can be a problem if there are pets in the house.

It has the registered SanaGloss cover which that works amazingly having the surface of the bowl cleaner. Also, its glossy touch rejects germs and dirt.

On top of that, the dual cyclone flush is truly effective for using barely 0,8 to one gallon of water each time. Not only that, it works automatically setting the amount of water needed for the total cleaning of each type of waste.

The final but also great feature is the electrolyzing technology that keeps water clean between uses.

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