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TOTO MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet with Sanagloss, Cotton White Review 2018

Using modern toilets like the TOTO MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet with Sanagloss, Cotton White will result in huge water savings. With its siphon jet flushing system, you will only be consuming 6 liters per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush. This is a lot better than the conventional types of toilet which use up to 3 gallons per flushing. The Toto’s sleek high profile gives this product class and elegance which you cannot find in other toilets. You would really be amazed at how beautiful rest rooms will look like after the Toto has been installed.

Detailed Features and Inclusions

The best thing about the TOTO MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet with Sanagloss, Cotton White according to some toilet reviews is the fact that it uses the G-max flushing system. This means that you can have a silent, forceful and commercial grade type of flushing performance. The water surface was enlarged so it can flush out any bulks in a shorter period of time. The height of the toilet seat which is 15 inches is just right for a regular individual. The height and width of the tank are pegged at 27.5 inches and 16.5 inches respectively.

Feature list

  • SanaGloss: Super smooth, ion barrier glazing cleans your toilet bowl with every flush
  • G-Max flushing system: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performance
  • Wider, 2-1/8-Inch computer designed, fully glazed trapway
  • Large water surface
  • Length 28-Inch, Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-Inch, Seat Height 15-Inch, Tank Height 27-1/2-Inch, Tank Width 16-1/2-Inch

Perfect For

This toilet is perfect for any type of rest room, be it residential or commercial. In fact a lot of malls have this type of toilet installed for their mall visitors. A lot of toilet reviews state that the best feature about the Toto Ultramax is the fact that this product is equipped with Sanagloss glaze. The manufacturers placed a certain type of coating on the ceramic bowl of the toilet which will not let any type of debris, mold and bacteria to stick into the ceramic surface. This feature is very helpful because you will not be hard up in cleaning your toilet.

The old style of conventional glazing which you can find on the other brands or types of conventional toilets has been put to use in the Toto but this feature has been incorporated to the max. The ionized surface barrier works well not to mention the comfortable toilet seat. One reviewer said that no one in their household had to flush the toilet for the second time. A single flush does the work no matter how bulky the waste is. After seven days of using the Toto, the reviewer noted that it is in fact the most comfortable toilet to use in the entire house and her husband told her to order for more.

Customer Reviews

“It definitely saves water and does an effective flushing job…”

“The TOTO is comfy, and sleek and the flush capacity is great!…”

Amazon Rating: 3.6 out of 5 out of 16 reviews

Pros & Cons

Pros: Toilet reviews are very important for you to read if you want to have the best toilet for your homes. Another reviewer said that he is willing to recommend the Toto to his friends because he found out for himself that this toilet is very efficient to use. He felt very lucky that he had his master bath remodeled and had the Toto installed. The customer even said that the Toto is a true beauty and of great quality and modern design.

Cons: A reviewer also stated that the toilet is very costly not to mention the additional expense you would be incurring when you hire a plumber to install the toilet. However, the reviewer still thinks that the Toto Ultramax is still the best and he wanted to install more toilets in his home.

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