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A more comfortable experience when in the loo is a priority for most people, besides, it is one seat where we can relax and enjoy a short reading. However just like any other product we look for a good quality one despite price ranges. In addition to this, special features and our unique specifications equally joins the criteria set for choosing which model to buy. Starting off we take into account the maker of the product and its established reputation on giving the highest satisfaction from customers. In the lavatory industry, one company withstood the test of time in providing both high-end functionality, constant innovation albeit reasonable prices.

Top of the line and with world-class manufacturing, TOTO toilets had been giving its patrons their money’s worth and even more. It has and continues to have unrivaled vision and innovation expertise. The types of which serve many and unique features being portable, compact or square, regular flushing, touchless kind, water saving, Up flash even to be wall mounted or corner with comfort height, elongated, with pressure assist and even special composting feature. Their most popular ranges include the Drake and Ultramax and other equally good options like the Guinevere, Soiree, Supreme,

Their products parade their mark of excellence – “People Planet Water” as seen in the unique feature of each product that focus on their efficient flush systems namely G-max, E-max, Tornado Flush, Double Cyclone, and the impressive CeFiONtect and Sanagloss. To elaborate further on the efficiency of the flushing system, how about saving up almost half of the water consumption in flushing at the same time giving the bowl a thorough rinse for each flush. Their one of a kind flush system uses up only about 1.28gpf (gallons per flush) and utilize centrifugal washing action that assists in cleaning. The innovation made them EPA WaterSense approved as well as passing California’s CEC and CALGreen requirements.

As mentioned earlier another technology impressively developed CeFiONtect and Sanagloss gives the bowl an exceptionally smooth glaze thus preventing particles from adhering to the ceramic. This indeed is a great way to reduce cleaning time and expenses. Saying goodbye to add on household chemicals and not to mention tiresome bowl cleaning. Convenience and cost-effectiveness rolled into one marks their aim for high customer satisfaction.

The products can be a one-piece or two-piece design equally stylish and elegant. A definite main attraction in your luxurious bathroom. And to top it all off most if not all of their designs comes with their SoftClose hinge system eliminating that sudden closing of the seat to the bowl. So to a comfortable, efficient and more quiet seating experience in the lavatory they came up with many designs to suit individual and unique preferences of their clients worldwide. Below are most of the customer’s top choices may it be the classic one-piece style or the modernistic yet equally functional two-piece style.

One-piece top Consumer Choice:

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II

A model that has user-friendly sitting height and an elongated shape to give comfort and relaxation to a wide range of users. This has the trademark TOTO Tornado flush that is powerful and very efficient. Needless to say, the company’s innovative flushing system remains to be unparalleled and is so in all its product. Moreover, in this design, it is remarkably efficient in that it consumes just 1.28 gallons which is almost half of the usual amount of water in flushing making it WaterSense approved. This is a sensible switch from older versions that consume twice the amount and that even makes that noisy flushing sound. So in retrospect, another special feature of this design offers the benefit of easier cleaning against the two-piece toilet in that removal of the gap between the tank and bowl discards the area for dirt and debris accumulation.

This design embodies practicality yet efficiency with the CeFiONtect technology giving the bowl an even finish to eliminate dirt and odor accumulation plus the SoftClose hinge system to avoid the “Toilet Seat Slam” experience.

The product is in compliance with ADA, CALGreen and CEC specifications making it of highest quality. It comes in Cotton White to be readily the main attraction in your luxurious bathroom.

TOTO MS604114CEFG#12 Unltramax II

This floor mounted one-piece hole-free rim design is ideal to make your bathroom looking elegant and beautiful. Built on universal height the product will allow comfortable seating on all users. A highly efficient 1.28 gallons per flush with the unique double cyclone flush system making it EPA WaterSense approved. The double cyclone flushing system uses two nozzles that create a centrifugal action to clean both the rim and the bowl thus giving it a seamless appearance.

The highlight feature is the patented SanaGloss glaze ensures a super smooth surface preventing debris to stick to the porous ceramic material and helps in keeping your chinaware cleaner longer thus, in turn, minimize cleaning time and expense. It also comes with their latest innovation on smart seat technology which is the SoftClose Hinge system which lowers slowly and quietly the seat to the bowl.

This model is ADA compliant as well as adheres to standards set for California’s CEC and CALGreen specifications. So for a cost-effective and quiet toilet experience and choose this model that is available in a stunning Sedona Beige color.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness rolled into one this models aim for high customer satisfaction, elegance and functionality at its best. All of this readily available at the tip of your fingers. Have the chance to experience the TOTO’s remarkable toilet efficiency.

TOTO MS854114SL#01 Ultramax

With an elegant design, the product has a wider computer design fully glazed trapway. Manufactured in the United States it comes with the G-Max flushing system, a powerful but quiet commercial grade flushing performance. A fast flush with a 3-inch flush valve making it 125 percent larger than conventional 2-inch flush valves. This is the industry’s benchmark for flushing performance because it draws more water quickly and then away forcefully to prevent clogging. This is an unmatched power for one-flush superiority to ensure what goes down stays down.

To give you an idea on the dimension when already set up, it has a large water surface with a bowl rim height of 17 1/4inch, a tank width of 16 1/2inch and a tank height of 29-1/4inch.

The product also includes a unique seat and lid that utilize the SoftClose hinge system that lowers the seat down to the bowl slowly and with less noise in return eliminate possible injury from the lid closing all too quickly.

In compliance with the requirements set in California it is approved and incorporates Toto’s high standard of quality and consumers ease.

The two-piece experience:


A two-piece elongated toilet with dual flush and double cyclone technology provides a save up of over twenty percent against other 1.6GPF toilets. It includes a tank to bowl gasket, hardware, and bolt caps.

This model comes in White Cotton color with the famous TOTO’s tornado flush making a centrifugal washing which results to a more efficient cleaning. The state of the art and innovative CeFiONtect technology leaves a layer eliminates particle adherence and reduces time and effort for cleaning. It has a left-hand chrome trip lever and a designed in TOTO’s Universal Height feature making the loo experience comfortable in a range of users.

As most consumers rely on standards set by Quality departments, it is the priority of the company to be at par with the standards and diligently meet the requirements of the said body. This product is in compliance with ADA, EPA WaterSense as well as California’s CEC and CALGreen requirements. This is so to verify the clients reliable and worthwhile investment on their household necessities.

TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia 2-Piece

If elegance and functionality are what you aim for this model is the most suitable choice.

Marked with 4.5 stars by consumers it is actually one of the cheapest yet high-quality models offered by the company. It has an elongated skirt with a universal height giving a comfortable seating experience for a wide range of users. The model also is a close coupled elongated front bowl and tank set available as a 12-inch rough-in or 10-inch rough with a chrome push button

To give you an idea of the final package once installed its height from top to bottom measures 31.25 inches, width 14.25 inches and depth of 27.5inches

It comes in a sleek cotton white color with a marvelous Dual-Max flushing system applying a low consumption of only 1.6gpf and 0.9gpf.

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