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Many years ago, when we try to look back at the very long history of how life was lived then…back in the days when everything else was manually done and had to be made from scratch; from weapons used to hunt for food, fire to cook food, light to guide daily chores, when water doesn’t run on pipes but fetched from a river or well, or where there’s no appliance, sink, or toilet available to save the day.

It’s really amazing how we’ve progressed through the years. We can truly say that we have come a long way. The world and everything in it evolved remarkably. Change is inevitable and the cycle goes on and on. And we owe it to the brilliant and hardworking people who never stopped challenging themselves in their quest to advance strides in technology and our way of living as we know it and enjoy it today. Indeed, times have changed for the better! Toilets, for example.

There was no such thing as a toilet back then. Whenever people needed to use the toilet, they had to dig a hole on the ground, walk to the river, or find a tree for cover. Now, toilets are a staple in every household and every establishment. In fact, toilets are not just accessible nowadays, they’re engineered for excellence guaranteed to suit different needs. New innovation options such as water-saving, self-cleaning, state-of-the-art flushing system, unique designs and colors, different seat shapes and heights, standard or wall-hung, standard noise or the silent flush kind, right or left hand trip levers, conventional or soft-close seat, or the high-tech “super toilet” kind with hands-free function utilizing a remote control, or the portable, place anywhere kind. There is always the right toilet for just about every person’s preference.

Homeowners from all walks of life consider toilets as an essential part of the investment process of every household. As consumers ourselves, we believe critical and expensive investments should be dealt with care and attention…toilets are no exception. When selecting for a toilet, much time is invested in decision making geared towards the long-term benefits of a comfortable toilet seat, product quality, reliability and durability, and the luxurious bathroom experience.

With a myriad of toilets to choose from today, toilet reviews come in helpful and handy. Here at fivebearshome.com, our toilet reviews were based on painstaking research and product analysis guaranteed to elicit the best results; in this case, we have come to find that flush performance and water consumed on each flush are important parameters in the buying decision of consumers. To equip you with relevant and useful information about everything toilet and guide you on your next important purchase is the main objective of our website. We aim to inspire and influence buying decisions to benefit consumers from across the globe.

We’ve created a pretty simple website where everything you need to know about these products is explained in understandable terms that we all could relate to. We have also compiled a comprehensive review of the best toilets available, from affordably priced models to the fully electronically-controlled toilet and bidet combined; all in a user-friendly website. Read on and be informed. The wide range of products featured here may just be what you’re looking for.

Thank you for visiting our website. Enjoy your shopping!